Roads manager urges workers to walk the talk


DESPITE obtaining an unqualified audit for the past financial year, the Chris Hani district’s department of roads and public works regional manager Zamile Kalako has issued a stern warning to employees that the audit outcome should not drive them to complacency.

Regional roads and public works senior manager Zamile Kalako
Regional roads and public works senior manager Zamile Kalako


Workers listened as Kalako gave details on how the department obtained an unqualified audit and his remarks on areas of concern about staff competency.

“This is a day we will never forget. The last two financial years we had a disclaimer and now we have improved drastically and professionally. We have made a pledge with the premier that we will abide by the rules.”

He urged workers to do their best.

“We had a meeting last week to sign a performance contract with five key performance areas which include the roads infrastructure, buildings, property and fixed assets. We will also oversee and monitor programmes and manage risk and loss control in our department. I have signed these and all will be given attention.”

Kalako, who is currently in his second quarter as regional senior manager, said staff had signed contracts and knew what was expected of them.

“We are known to celebrate small things, forgetting that there is still more that needs to be done. We are here to learn how to do even better than last year. Whatever you are doing, you must have a sense of urgency. We must put theory into action, we do not want people who talk and do not act.”

He said management was “impatient” with non-compliance with the rules and regulations.

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