Bowes, McDougall launches 3%.Com

The offices of Bowes McDougall Incorporated in Komani
The offices of Bowes McDougall Incorporated in Komani

BOWES, McDougall Incorporated – based at 27a Prince Alfred Street, Komani – is proud to announce that it has purchased a 3%.Com franchise which will effectively run as an estate agency department of Bowes, McDougall Inc.

3%.Com is a national franchise network of attorneys and conveyancers that specialise in marketing and selling immovable property legally and effectively. 3%.Com is especially unique because the commission is genuinely only 3% (excluding VAT), says Megan de Wet of BMC.

“Not only is this another business opportunity for BMC but it can now boast that it is a ‘one stop shop’ for all its current clients as well as prospective clients.”

The operation provides a comprehensive service to property owners and buyers including the valuation, marketing, selling and transferring of residential and commercial property. 3%.Com also assists in arranging finance, registering bonds and securing all insurance needs if this is required. What makes 3%.Com unique is that only practising attorneys and conveyancers are eligible for membership or ownership of a franchise.

As specialist property lawyers Bowes, McDougall Incorporated are fully capable and equipped to provide a comprehensive legal and conveyancing service on all property transactions which means that sellers and purchasers can be confident that their contracts are legally sound and that all aspects have been considered and included and the transaction will run smoothly.

Why should buyers consider 3%.Com to promote their property? The answer is quite simple.

● The seller of the property will only pay 3% commission which means you will walk out with more money in your pocket.

● For buyers, the property is more affordable, making it easy to purchase and save.

● The estate agents have the support of a competent legal team to assist with any queries which might result in future delays. Your transaction will now run very smoothly.

● Although as the seller you are entitled to use an attorney of your choice to attend to the registration of transfer of property, Bowes, McDougall Incorporated is more than capable of handling the matter for you from beginning to end, if you so choose.

● The agents are keen to build a personal relationship with clients and expand on the services which they can provide, including rentals. BMC can further expand on such services if you should need an attorney to recover arrear rental or attend to an eviction for you.

● The agents will assist and advise you on repairs, improvements and various other ways to sell your property for the best price possible.

● You no longer have to waste time moving from pillar to post trying to find out about the progress on your transfer as Bowes McDougall Incorporated will be handling everything for you.

“It is our passion to serve you and the public that leads us to this greater purpose and we want to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible to realise your dream in selling your home or becoming a house owner.”

Visit the website at and the facebook page at 3%.Com driven by Bowes, McDougall Incorporated.


Veronica Seger

Veronica started her career in the property industry in 1994 together with Rita Burroughs (at the Homemakers) who became her mentor. She worked there for four years before partnering up with Karin Kankowski as Jenny’s Estates. When Karin and her family left Queenstown, Veronica headed Jenny’s Estates until she recently joined the 3%.Com team.

Veronica has highest level of expertise due to many years of experience in the property industry which will benefit buyers and sellers and ensure ultimate client satisfaction. Veronica is also very passionate about the property industry and finds joy and satisfaction in selling a person’s property to enable them to move on, and for the buyer to find a property that meets their expectations and put their personal stamp on it. Veronica can assist you in valuations, bond applications, buying and selling property. Please contact her on 082-609 9552.

Veronica is confident that 3%.Com will be a success due to the fact that only 3% commission (plus VAT) is charged on sales, thus the difference in commission payable against the norm, will assist both the seller and the buyer, as it may contribute towards the transfer costs.

Siphamandla Hoza

Siphamandla was born in Johannesburg and grew up in Ezibeleni. He was schooled at Nokwanda Primary School and Rubusana High School. He attended Walter Sisulu University where he enrolled for and obtain a diploma in accounting. He also completed a post graduate diploma in management at Regenesys Business School. He was appointed as an independent agent of 3%.Com on October 6, 2016 and is actively promoting and marketing 3%.Com on a daily basis. He is eager to assist prospective buyers and sellers. Contact him on 076-959 8043 or at their offices at 27a Prince Alfred Street, Komani.

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