Post Office blues


Ezibeleni Post Office has been closed for a year with no indication when it will reopen.The Rep reported (“Post office burns,” December 4, 2015) that a fire had damaged equipment and documents inside the building.

The Rep paid a visit to the damaged structure this week and found that burned items were still inside while windows had been broken and the fence damaged.

Residents have to make their way to the Komani Post Office to obtain postal services.

Resident Abongile Matshi said the current situation was impacting negatively on locals. “The people in charge of the post office must do something about this.”

Simamkele Dyonase said the condition of the post office had deteriorated since it closed.

“The criminals first broke in late last year and it was locked for a month. Then one day people came, stole equipment and burnt the building. We woke up at about 4am that day with flames coming from the building and fire-fighters on the scene.”

A security guard who was looking after the building had disappeared.

“My post box is there. I have been sending off documents with job applications and I do not get any reply. Our letters do not reach us.”

His words were echoed by Andile Nxasana who said residents needed to know what was going to happen.

”They must reopen the post office and tighten the security.”

A source at the post office in Komani told The Rep that they also did not know what was happening.

“Many people are now coming to town and it gets full and busy on some days. Some elderly people sleep outside the day before so they can be attended to early.”

Regional post office spokeswoman Cheryl Kemp confirmed the closure of the post office in 2015 due to an arson attack.

“It will re-open following repairs of damage caused by the fire. The tender process is under way in order to affect the repairs. Unfortunately the date of re-opening cannot be determined at this stage,” she said.

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