Conman exploits Komani couple


A KOMANI couple who had decided to consult a local foreign national, known only as Dr Naro, to help them with fertility issues, have lost a lot of money.

Police spokesman captain Namhla Mdleleni said the couple have one child but wanted a second.
Mdleleni said the doctor allegedly told them if they gave him R200000 he would turn it into R2-million.
“The couple paid the money in instalments and when the last R40000 was paid, the husband went alone. When he got to the surgery in the CBD, Dr Naro was not there, but there was another person who gave the husband a safe and told him to open it when he got home,” Mdleleni said.
She said the man went home and when he opened the safe, there was nothing inside.
“He opened a case with the police and they went to the surgery in Dunbar Street where they arrested a man who had handed over the safe. Dr Naro is still at large and police are searching for him. The man who was arrested appeared in court and was denied bail.”

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