Merv is making music waves



Merv van der Merwe, formerly of Komani, who now plays for the band Lead Worm in Australia Picture: SUPPLIED

MUSIC lovers in these parts probably have fond memories of the band Teragis (cigarette backwards) that entertained here in the mid 1990s. One of the band members was ‘Merv’ van der Merwe, son of long-time Komani residents Mike and Marie, who is now part of the band Lead Worm, that is making waves in the music world in Australia.
Merv has been interested in music since his schooldays at Queen’s and when his friend Warren Goodwin came to board with the family as his parents had left town they started jamming to their hearts’ content. Then they found Mike’s old guitar and their bedroom was never the same again!
Warren now lives in Australia and is still a drummer part-time.
Merv, his wife and their two children also moved to Australia nearly two years ago and live in Adelaide, where Merv works in IT and his wife runs the paediatric wing of a large state hospital, where the children attend a crèche. His wife is very supportive of Merv’s musical passion and in his spare time he fits in gigs at various venues.
But Lead Worm is his big thing and he not only writes much of his own music, but is a very versatile performer as well, filling the spot of lead vocalist and he is also a very good lead guitarist.
Now the band has been given a recording contract which meant an interview with a radio station and will involve them making CDs and doing a country-wide tour – hopefully the start of something big.
His proud father told The Rep, “He is not planning on giving up his day job yet, but if things pan out as they hope, I think he would happily do so without thinking twice – music is really his passion.”

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