Harcourts help bring festive joy

THE OLD…: Harcourts employee Johan Marais does undercoat painting in New Rest at Victoria van Schalkwyk on Monday Picture: Adre Bartis


CHRISTMAS came early this year for a New Rest woman after she won a competition by Harcourts Komani which called on members of the public to nominate a person whose home needed renovations.


An emotional Victoria van Schalkwyk said she felt moved by what the real estate company had done for her and her family. Van Schalkwyk, who has been living in the house for 31 years, said she had raised two generations of children in her humble four-roomed home. “I thank the Harcourts people for what they have done. ”

She said she had lost two of her five children but the gesture shown by Harcourts had restored a sense of hope for a better tomorrow. “It is so beautiful and it feels awesome to have my home looking so new.”

The unemployed 66-year-old is currently living with her three grandchildren and enjoying every moment of her time with her grandchildren in her home.

Harcourts principal owner Moira Pappas said the project started as a competition when she and her staff wanted to do something good over the festive period.

She said the nominations were done by community members and employees had no influence. “We decided we wanted to do something close to our hearts. People think they have to pay contractors a lot of money to revamp their homes but we did all the labour by ourselves,” she said.

She said van Schalkwyk had been nominated by two people and became the winner of the competition. “We filled the cracks on the walls, did the undercoat and painting. We started work on December 5 and finished on December 7. The last day we did a vegetable garden for her.

“We are thankful we could touch someone in the matter we did. This gives us a sense of gratitude and we are thankful to the people who gave something towards this project, including Mica who gave us the paint.”


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