Make your life count

LEARNERS seemed enthusiastic about the number of soapies and series they watched per day as per the show of hands during a visit by the organisation, MotivateZA.

This was after founder of MotivateZA and motivational speaker Vuyisani Hans who was on his schools tour mission had asked learners what TV programmes they followed after school.

The talks, conducted at Nkwanca, Bulelani and W.B Rubusana High Schools last week, were sponsored by Hyundai.

Hans said prominent South African actors received about R120 000 or more per month.

“If you come from a household that does not make that kind of money why do you prioritise your time watching actors who do? Do you not think it would be better for your future if you spent that time working on your dreams?”

The MotivateZA team wanted to get learners off to a fresh start at the start of the year by inspiring them to reach for their dreams while moving past their challenges.

Hans taught learners his personal life MBA principle which he defined as a Make or Break Attitude towards life.

“The first step of a Make or Break Attitude is to make a choice. The second is to channel all your energy towards achieving your dream and the thirst step is to expect pain. When you are trying to achieve your goals you will be disappointed, humiliated and even betrayed.”

Hans said the third step was the most important as most people lost faith during the challenging phase which made a lot of people regret giving up on their dreams at a later stage .

“The purpose of the tour was to show learners that their future is bright, provided they take the initiative to follow through on their goals. They have the potential to become great people.”

Team member Mzukisi Silandela said bringing the culture of motivation to learners was crucial as the majority had never been exposed to them.

“Most learners come from homes where there is little motivation and they depend on their teachers who do not necessary have the skills. When I went to school I never had such an opportunity but the talks and seminars I attended and the books I read as a grown up have inspired me and helped to shape up my life into who I am today.”






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