Ex-mayor pays back R200 000 medical bill

FORMER Lukhanji executive mayor Nozi Makanda has paid back tens of thousands of rands to the local authority, which covered her medical bills when she was involved in a car accident two years ago.

In the mayor’s quarterly budget monitoring report, Enoch Mgijima executive mayor Lindiwe Gunuza Nkwentsha reported that Makanda had refunded close to R200000.

The Rep reported (“Lukhanji mayor hurt in crash,” June 11 2015) that Makanda was involved in a head-on collision near Cathcart. She had been travelling from a two-day South African Local Government Association provincial conference.

East London resident Charl Schoeman died in the collision.

The municipality paid R200000 towards her St Dominics’ Hospital medical bill, with opposition parties questioning why the municipality had to pay for Makanda’s medical costs.

Gunuza Nkwentsha told council last Tuesday that Makanda had made a payment of R180000 to the municipality while R19000 had come from the municipal insurance.

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