Action to curb overtime claims

ENOCH Mgijima Municipality paid millions in overtime and acting allowances to employees between October and December last year, Lindiwe Gunuza Nkwentsha reported to council last Tuesday.

She said in the former Lukhanji area, R477707 was spent in October, R643432 in November and R608689 in December on overtime, amounting to R1.7-million. In the former Inkwanca Municipal area, a total of R62752 were spent in a period of two months – R47663 in November and R15088 in December. In the former Tsolwana area, R486586 was spent in October, R713587 in November and R703883 in December, amounting to R1.9-million.

In terms of acting allowances, R80666 was spent in October – R6000 in Tsolwana, R23411 in Inkwanca and R51255 in Lukhanji.

In November Inkwanca paid acting allowances of R25364 while Lukhanji paid R158652. In December Lukhanji paid acting allowances of R101182.

The Council on Tuesday approved the provision of a flexi time allowance in departments prone to excessive overtime.

“The Technical Services Directorate, in particular the electrical division, is one with frequent overtime claims that often exceed the 40 hours threshold, followed by the Public Safety in particular [the] traffic division. Repeatedly [the] Auditor General [Kimi Makwethu] have [sic] had negative findings on overtime exceeding 40 hours per month,” a council agenda item indicated.

This had contributed towards a negative audit opinion under the category of employee-related costs.

Acting municipal manager Smilo Dayi would negotiate the flexi time allowance to curb excessive claims.

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