Forum told of challenges


LACK of service delivery and instability are some of the things that have characterised the three local municipalities, Inkwanca, Tsolwana and Lukhanji, which have merged to form the Enoch Mgijima Municipality.

Enoch Mgijima executive mayor Lindiwe Gunuza Nkwentsha, speaking during the local authority’s inaugural IDP rep forum meeting at the town hall last week, said decisions taken by the three individual councils were not biased towards the people.

“We have challenges. We have to ask ourselves how we turn these challenges into our strong points. We have infrastructural challenges and electricity outages,” she said.

Gunuza Nkwentsha said the town was filthy and no investors would want to be associated with the town in its current state.

The municipality was faced with the challenge of illegal dumping despite the strides it had taken to address the issue.

The by-laws were not being implemented, with taxi drivers making ranks all over the town without repercussions. The workshops that operated on the streets in town were an eyesore.

The municipality had tried to repair robots, replace street signs and fix the street lights within budgetary constraints.

“The collection of revenue remains a challenge which started during the four-month strike last year. We inherited the strike from the previous council. We depend on revenue collection to be able to deliver services. There will be no service delivery without revenue.”

Gunuza Nkwentsha said the council was committed to going to communities and hearing their challenges. She said the forum should advise council so that past mistakes were not repeated.

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