Are we just numb?

IT HAS taken many people a long time to realise we are not being led.
There is a significant number, however, who will huff and puff and froth at the mouth at that suggestion and point out irrelevant and inconsequential deeds of the present leadership as proof that it is not true. Many of those, I suspect, do so out of misplaced loyalty and sometimes disbelief and denial that things are turning out this way. Some will protest because they are benefiting from the mayhem.
We tolerate delinquency, sadly. We have become dangerously numbed to these things. “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis,” said Dante Alighieri, famous Italian poet of the middle ages.
Can we rely on the people we voted for to steer the ship to calmer waters? How do we treat allegations that the people we put in high office have stolen or “cattle went missing from the pound”?
Do we shrug and move on since “these things happen”? Do we get outraged and seek accountability?
Are we shocked at an allegation of that sort against the Enoch Mgijima Municipality mayor Lindiwe Gunuza Nkwentsha or any high-ranking politician? If the allegation is unfounded, why would someone manufacture such a serious offence? Surely, if it is false it will be proven to be so and those who are guilty of peddling lies should be brought to book, swiftly. We cannot allow political games to derail the municipality and to tarnish the reputation of its first citizen. The ANC should either deal with the matter swiftly or the municipality should lay a charge of theft if warranted.
If not, the mayor should be cleared so that the cloud doesn’t hang over her which would debilitate the newly formed municipality. However, if there is any truth in the rumour, the amount of politicking should be enough to exonerate her. She is paid well (by us) so to buy a cow should not be a problem. If guilty she should be relieved of her duties and be criminally charged. The fact that it is in the news is bad enough for the municipality and the ANC.
It should be concluded quickly without fear or favour. It is simple: did she take a cow from the municipal pound without paying for it? If no, then the case is closed unless it can be conclusively proven otherwise. If yes, I shudder to think of the consequences.

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