Manhole a real headache

PERPLEXED of Hogsback Close writes: Five months ago, when new neighbours moved into our complex, the pantechnicon drove over an iron manhole cover and the lid broke.

Since then I have made innumerable calls to several municipal departments in an effort to have it replaced, but each refers me to another department. Someone came to look, but nothing was done.

In desperation, I called the ward councillor and the ratepayers’ association but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the manhole has filled with water which now smells and is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

This is a real danger as people could fall into this hole and vehicles could be badly damaged if they drove into it.

In an effort to avoid this, I have tried to cover the hole with planks, but that is not really effective either.

I am desperate.

What can I do to get results?


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