Roads in serious need of repair



NOT GOOD: One of the streets in Popcorn Valley  Picture: SUPPLIED

GIZELLE Stride of Popcorn Valley writes: It is a huge disgrace to see our neighbourhoods in such a state. We are paying tax and our municipal accounts – yet it is heartbreaking to drive on our roads.
There are potholes everywhere and the municipal officials do not care. What are the managers doing with the budget set aside for roadworks? Personally, I’ve had to pay for fixing tyres damaged by the road. My vehicle is struggling due to the poor road conditions.
It’s time the municipality lives up to the promises made – when the potholes are filled with tar, the workers fill the odd one and when it’s done, the result is tar marks on your vehicle which has to be removed at your own cost.
Komani community – it’s time to stand up, as drivers and as pedestrians – as we all make use of these roads. If the roads continue to deteriorate, we will be forced to drive on sidewalks as the gravel roads are becoming better than the tarred roads.
Lots of money was spent on fixing the bad conditions at the four-way stop and hump at the entrance of Victoria Park and I was so happy and relieved. Yet, to my disappointment we are back to square one as the road is possibly now even worse than before. The tar has started to melt.
Let us challenge the municipality to fix this.

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