Jazz fest for Komani?


ANONYMOUS of Komani writes: A challenge to Komani’s entrepreneurial folk who often come up with good ideas – how about a festival that will draw people from near and far to the town?

Grahamstown has the National Arts Festival and they manage to get phenomenal artists and actors from all over the world annually.

It is a financial injection to the economy of the town and is supported by thousands of people.

Komani should find its niche and do the same.

How about a jazz festival, considering the many great jazz artists who had their roots in Komani’s soil?

It could be named after a jazz great and promoted first on national level and then further afield. Possibly the indoor arts centre could be revamped and used as a venue while schools could be encouraged to establish jazz bands and join in the line-up of acts.

It is truly an idea well worth pursuing, I think.

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