Cancer survivor shares her journey

Lavona Spiers sharing her journey of battling with cancer, yesterday at Dugmore Hall

Komani colon cancer survivor, Lavona Spiers, shared her journey of living and coping with cancerat the Dugmore Hall in Prince Alfred Street yesterday.

Spiers received the devastating news a year ago.

“I started vomiting and having diarrhoea, the doctor thought it was because of the festivities as the symptoms showed up in December. The symptoms continued until Ihad lost 14 kilograms in week, that is where I went to do Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan (MRI), and found out that I have the disease.”

Spiers said that she had to leave her job as a grade one teacher in Port Elizabeth so that she could focus on her health.

“Immediately after I found out, I had to go for surgery in February and in March I started chemotherapy for six months.”

Spiers said that she wished there was an oncology centre in Komani for those suffering from the disease, as it wasstrenuous to travel to East London for chemotherapy and radiation.

The hall was filled with family and friends, who also shared their stories of battling with disease, physically and emotionally. Some were speaking on behalf of deceased relatives.

Spiers’cousin,  Mark Snookdin, who was diagnosed with throat in January this year said he has to travel back and forth to East London for treatment.

“This is are costly, my vision is to establish an oncology centre here in Komani,” Spiers said.

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