Nomqophiso Swartbooi denounces talks of her renovating her house using any money from Sibongile Mani

WSU student, Sibongile Mani, who allegedly spent over R800 000 of R14.1-million of NSFAS money which was erroneously loaded into her voucher card from card company IntelliMali, has been in the spotlight since the matter became known last week, Mother of Sandisiwe Swartbooi, the childhood friend of Mani, 

Nomqophiso Swartbooidenounced speculations that she was extending her house in Linge, using money received from Mani.

A transcription of what Nomqophiso had to say during an interview with The Rep last week: This is my house, in fact it is my parents houseI have lived here for many years. I welcomed a child whose name is Sibongile Mani, I welcomed her because she was my child’s friend, because she was a child who lived on her own.

At her home there were no adults, her mother was in George and her grandmother was in Cape Town because she was a friend to this child. She would sleep over at times and then she just stayed with usI welcomed that and I did not have a problem with that. They were in the same grade, they passed matric at the same time. She did her matric at Lingelihle High School, mine did her matric at Maria Louw (High School) in Queenstown, from there they went to go study in Cape Town, they worked in Cape Town. They decided they were tired of working, they came back and decided to go back to school. I do not know anything else, the stories that are being said. 

There is a woman who came to me yesterday while I was at work, I am a teacher, she said she came to inquire about Sibongile’s story who lives with me I told her there is nothing that I know, Sibongile is in East London. When she wanted to take pictures, I told her no, I am not Sibongile, you can take pictures of Sibongile in East London, so it was like that.

By the time she was coming to me at work, she had already come to my house to take pictures, she arrived to find renovations being done to my house. This is a process that we started doing since last year, to renovate and fix the cracks that are in my house, cracks that you saw with your own eyes while you were here, we are fixing that, we are in that process.

We do not know about any R14 million, I am a teacher, my first born is a doctor, we are assisting each other, renovating this house, now all of a sudden news breaks out that there is a child who got R14 million and they using that money to renovate their house with, this house was being renovated since last year.

When I’m listening to this in the news, if I heard it correctly, the money came into her account in June or in July and now there is this big house that has been made using that money?

That is the story that really got me furious, I am very angry, I am very angry, I am very angry – big time – with that.

I wish people (would), while writing their stories,do things, go step by step before they publish things that are not true, because now it looks like I was helped with that moneyI am working, for years I have been getting frost bite, going up and down, going to work.

Working so hard, so that I can live this comfortable life that I am living, only to have a story for R14 million that got lost yesterday. If it was yesterday and today that money has built this big house?

I am just trying to clarify that, these stories that you have heard are not true. Thank you my children.”        Video: SIMTEMBILE MGIDI

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