Teachers sleeping with pupils must be exposed – Cosas


Teachers engaging in sexual relations with pupils must be exposed and removed from the education system‚ the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) says.


“This phenomena and problem of educators who are romantically and sexually involved with female students is prejudicing and eroding the image of our education system and it is further bringing the image of our public schools into disrepute and dragging the image of the government that is led by the ANC through the mud‚” COSAS president general John Macheke said in a statement on Wednesday.

Reports surfaced last week that Bothithong High School in the Northern Cape had in the last few years seen a spike in the number of learners falling pregnant‚ with some alleging that their teachers had fathered the children. Two teachers from the school was arrested for sexual crimes and appeared in the Kuruman Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

This was the second appearance for the two teachers‚ aged 53 and 35‚ since their arrest on Friday.

Macheke added in his statement that the student organisation viewed these allegations in a serious light and that they had “taken a progressive decision that we are not going to massage the feelings of porn stars that are masquerading as educators in our schools and we have reached a political consensus that we are going to apply revolutionary student tactics and guerrilla intellectualism strategies in order to eradicate sexually-related abuse against female students in our schools”.

“We are concerned about the entrenched shenanigan tradition of teachers who are in relationships with female students. Teachers need to understand that they are entrusted with the lives of learners in schools and that they are viewed as parent figures away from home.

“Therefore we call for teachers who suffer from sexual poverty in their marriage and who are romantically and sexually involved with female students to be fired with immediate effect because these porn stars masquerading as teachers in our schools are destroying the future of our female students and have no space nor place in our education system. If teachers who slept with 30 girls at Bothitong High School in Northern Cape are not going to be brought into books and be fired‚ we are going to revolt through mobilising community members to sjambok those sex addicts and isolate them because they are nothing but scavengers and porn stars who have a potential to destroy the future of students of Bothitong High School.”

by Petru Saal – TimesLIVE



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