Trevor Noah laughs off ‘death’ reports


Comedian Trevor Noah has laughed off the constant influx of fake reports claiming he had died‚ explaining how he was always the last to know of his “death“.

Speaking to US TV late night host Seth Meyers this week‚ Trevor said he got calls and texts asking if he had died.

“I was shocked when I read about it‚ because I always do the shooting‚” he joked.

“You know what’s weird when you see that‚ you don’t know about it. You are the last person to know about it. So everyone phones you and could be phoning your family. The weirdest is when people text you saying‚ ‘Dude‚ are you dead?’. I’m always like: ‘what do you think I’m going to [reply]? Sometimes I just don’t reply‚” he added.

Houston News reported in July that Trevor died following a shooting incident at Orlando. The web publication said Trevor was shot while greeting fans after a concert.

Trevor was reportedly also “killed” in March after being involved in an alleged “car accident“.


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