Heavy rains have little impact on EC dams

Dams in the Eastern Cape remain low in spite of the heavy rain that fell in the past few days, the Water Affairs Department has warned.

In a statement today, the department indicated that although some dams had shown a slight improvement, overall the dam levels were still low and that people should continue to use water sparingly. On average the Eastern Cape dam levels are at 55.4%, an increase of only 0.4% from last week.

“The Algoa Water Supply System decreased from 31.2% last week to 30.6% this week. However, the Amathole Water Supply System had a small improvement this week of 60.7% from 60.0% last week. This improvement does not in any way mean that people can now be reckless or irresponsible because we are not out of the woods yet.”

Xilinxa Dam in Butterworth had improved to 0.8% from 0.2% last week with water tankers being used to take water to residents.

“The planned pipeline from Tsomo to Butterworth will contribute towards bringing relief to Butterworth as part of a long-term solution.”

The department would continue to monitor dam levels in the province and was appealing to all residents to adhere to water restrictions and to save water.

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