COPE calls for move towards non-violent South Africa

COPE has, in a statement today, called on all South Africans to aid in the move towards a non-violent South Africa.


“We are calling on all men and women to take a stand and protect women and children. Violence against women and children in South Africa has reached pandemic proportions.

COPE  says if anyone dear and precious to you – a family member, a neighbour or a colleague, is a victim of any form of abuse, physical or mental please stand up for what’s right, the Truth, for Justice!”


South Africa and the government needed to work on finding a better way to fight and stop abuse against women.

“We need to start grooming a generation of responsible men.Young and old men  must be taught to  respect and value the lives of their fellow human beings. The country needs responsible men and women.”

For many years now, efforts to fight against women abuse had been made by civil societies, government and various women organizations but the battle was far from being over.

Awareness campaigns were being organized, but women continued to experience and witness shocking abuse in their lifetime.

It was in 1998 when South Africa adopted the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children as one of its involvement plans towards creating a society free of violence. But until today, the country still sees brutality cases committed against women by men.

“We are calling upon neighbours, colleagues, friends and relatives to participate in ending the abuse of women.”

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