Sewage spillages on main road

CLICK ON VIDEO: PROBLEM: Thulandivile residents in Mlungisi have had to deal with sewage spillages that render it difficult to breathe with the smell of sewage during the festive season and in January.

Vuyelwa Peter, who lives in Thulandivile next to the Peace and Love Salon, said, during December that the leaking drain was a nightmare.

Peter said, “The municipality comes and looks at the drain, then they leave without fixing it. The sewage enters our yards and it smells – we could contract Tuberculosis (TB) and our children could get cholera.”

Peter further said the drains were overflowing on a regular basis.

“We are used to the flies. The municipality do not even put that white chemical to take away the smell.”

The Rep reporter drove through the main road between Thulandivile and Silvertown where streams of sewage could be seen running out of peoples houses on to the main road. This is,however, not the only area reporting sewage leakages. Find out more in The Rep today Video: SIMTEMBILE MGIDI

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