Vimbayo calls for a peaceful Freedom Day

CHRIS Hani District Municipality (CHDM), executive mayor, Kholiswa Vimbayo calls for a peaceful Freedom Day.

Vimbayo said, “April will always resonate in our country’s history as the month that saw the first democratic elections in 1994 which gave birth to freedom and democracy. Our freedom did not come easy and it was never free. As South Africans we still carry the scars of our terrible past.”

On Freedom Day South Africans were reminded of all the sacrifices that the country’s fore-bearers made to free black people from various forms of discrimination and inhumanity, she said.

“We must also take pride in the strides we have made in transforming our country and improving the lives of ordinary South Africans. To truly honour the memory of our heroes and heroines, we must tirelessly pursue the struggle for the liberation of the people on all fronts and tackle the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality that continues to plague our nation.”

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