Power outages continue to plague EMLM

POWER outages continue to plague EMLM with work still underway to restore power and water to six streets near the Queenstown Life Private Hospital.

The current outage is believed to be related to a transformer in Wainwright Street which has burnt out.

Over the weekend, large sections of Ezibeleni, the VAN-area, Queendustria and Top Town were without electricity for a prolonged period.

Last night, several areas were again without electricity for a brief period before the electricity supply was restored.

While Cogta MEC Fikile Xasa visited the Ezibeleni community over the weekend to indicate what steps will be taken to assist EMLM (see The Rep on Friday for further details), concern over the fragility of the electricity supply and the impact it is having on residents and businesses during a cold winter, remains.

The Rep has sent further enquiries to the EMLM communications section and we will make more information known as it becomes available.


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