Chris Hani coaches acquire strength training techniques

THE Eastern Cape Academy of Sport’s Wade Douglas conducted a coaching course in soccer, boxing, athletics and netball for Chris Hani coaches at the Thobi Kula Indoor Sports Complex recently.

The event was organised by Eastern Cape Academy of Sport, Chris Hani District coordinator, Doli Sigwili, with over 20 coaches in attendance.
It was sport scientist Douglas’ second visit to the Chris Hani district.

He said, “I took coaches through the basics of warm ups.”

He said this would assist school and community club coaches to prepare athletes to compete at high peak performance by strengthening their bodies.
He said June was the best time for local coaches to attend the training workshop as they have more time.

“Every week we isolate a district and we spend two to three days depending how many coaches are participating. If a district is too big we go from one town to the next.”

Douglas said new coaches were present at this year’s workshop.“This has an upside and a down side because if the same group from last year came it would mean that the training would have been at a more advanced level. Due to the new people we have to first give them the basics before they are able to understand the training programme at a deeper level.”

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