WATCH: Limpopo guide films ‘most spectacular’ leopard kill

    A group of warthogs were heading out for the day‚ unaware of what was lurking behind them in the bush…

    Before they knew it‚ a leopard pounced on one of the piglets!

    The action‚ which took place in Limpopo‚ was captured in a video.

    “It certainly was the most spectacular leopard kill I had witnessed in my time‚” guide Chad Cocking wrote in a blog post on the website of the Tanda Tula safari camp in the Timbavati private nature reserve.


    “With adrenaline pumping‚ we followed the leopard as he dragged his kill towards the safety of a marula tree‚” he wrote.

    In the 55-second video‚ filmed during a morning drive on July 16‚ the leopard can be seen hiding behind a bush just metres away from the warthog’s burrow‚ waiting patiently for them to emerge.

    “With the large gaping hole on this particular one‚ it appeared to be an ideal warthog burrow‚” wrote Cocking. “As soon as the leopard approached the mound‚ he went straight to investigate the hole and his reaction was immediate.”

    The leopard retreated and prepared to go in for the kill.

    “From past experiences with such situations‚ the leopards’ patience usually outweighs mine and I leave a long time before anything happens.”

    This time‚ however‚ Cocking said the leopard pounced within a minute of taking up his position. “As soon as the leopard saw the first youngster‚ he launched himself from his perfect ambush position – upwind and in the warthog’s blind spot.

    “He went flying straight for the hole and its occupants that were no doubt wishing they had stayed inside a little longer.”

    The leopard sank his teeth into the piglet’s neck before it could cry for help.

    Cocking said some of the guests wondered why the mother did not come back to try and rescue her child. He suspected that the mother did not even know that her little one had been caught. “Whatever the case‚ there was no squealing — and a rescue mission was not forthcoming‚” he said.

    A few minutes later‚ the leopard walked off with its breakfast.

     Nico Gous – TimesLIVE

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