Sterkstroom residents unhappy with ward councillor

WARD 27 Sterkstroom community members are marching from the Masakhane Community Hall to the municipal offices of the town today to hand over a portion demanding that councillor Luleka Gubula step down.

Chairman of the Sterkstroom Residents Association Thulani Nziweni said the march was also in support of a council resolution made by the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) council to disband 10 ward communities which were placed in power without following the election policy.

The Rep had reported (‘Confusion over ward committee’ July 13) where the EMLM council’s decision to disband the committee was detailed as the residents of the area had wanted a re-election.

She must be charged and removed from the council and must pay back all the money from 2016 until now. We have been challenging this with Gubula for the past years but we got tired and took the matter forward to the EMLM speaker Mziwoxolo Peter in March.”

He said the were no notices had been forward regarding when the ward election would be and that they were yet to inquire about the date.

Nziwene said EMLM executive mayor Sisisi Tolashe had indicated that she or an EMLM official would receive the petition.

EMLM spokesman Fundile Feketshane said the office of the mayor had received a letter about the march and that the petition would be received by councillor Adele Hendriks.

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