EMLM fails to collect rubbish at Lukhanji Spar for a week

Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) has not collected refuse at Lukhanji Spar since last Saturday. Rubbish bags are piled up behind the store’s building, causing a bad stench and flies. The store owner Sandy Mills said the municipality was supposed to collect the rubbish everyday but has not done that in a week without any explanation. “It is really difficult to maintain hygiene with all the rubbish outside that has attracted mice. It would have been better if we were made aware of this hiccup so we that we not expect that service from them.” 

EMLM spokesman Fundile Feketshane said if the company had an issue they should first report it to the municipality and not run to the media for every problem that arose Picture: ANDISA BONANI

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