What can you commemorate or celebrate today?

July 28 is a busy day worldwide with the day used to commemorate various causes and to celebrate the awareness of other, well, let’s just say less serious concerns.

July 28 is the day to commemorate World Hepatitis Day.  Hepatitis refers to an inflammatory condition of the liver as commonly caused by a viral infection but there are also other causes. Awareness and treatment are imperative to address this.

July 28 is also known as World Nature Conservation Day – so get out there and conserve! Save water, plant a tree, pick up some litter or educate a child about why it’s important to look after Mother Earth.

On a less serious note, this is the day to celebrate Milk Chocolate. Yep, it’s Milk Chocolate Day – can I hear a hurrah?


It is also the day on which to celebrate the beauty (and often not so attractive) of human movement on Dance Day. Shake what your momma gave you today!

Have an awesome July 28.

Additional info from www.checkiday.com.


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