Queenians splash out with distance swims

The Queen’s College ‘Vision 175 and beyond’ is believed to have triumphed as 12 senior boys completed the aQuelle Midmar Mile swim in KwaZulu-Natal recently.

The international mile swim, known to be the largest open water swim around the globe, took place at the Midmar Dam near Howick with participation from thousands of local and international swimmers.

Assistant coach Ryan Hoffmann said the boys completed the 1.6 kilometre swim and reckoned they were well prepared to take up the challenge as they were in full swing. “These boys put in the time and the effort. We would put in 45 minutes to an hour a day doing lung busters and sprints where we would complete one kilometre of swimming at each training session. They showed absolute commitment to the cause and were present every day. I am proud of them.”

The participants were Chulumanco Mazwi, Tristan van Rensburg, Chumani Nxoyi, Richard De Kramer, Thabang Masithela, Taine Duncan, Colby Green, Zenande Bacela, Lihlithemba Ntantiso, Kyle, Brett and Ryan Hoffmann.

De Kramer said the senior school was in an extremely unfortunate situation as they have very limited access to aquatic facilities. “The municipal pool has been out of commission for a number of years, despite empty promises that have been spewed out by the powers-that-be. That notwithstanding, the school has shown fortitude and character in their endeavours to remain a force in swimming and water polo. Boys from 700km away, without a pool, entered the water and completed the distance in the allotted time. This is a truly magnificent achievement.”

De Kramer said the trip consisted of a full day’s leisurely travel and the boys were afforded the opportunity of white water rafting and various other activities. They then went on to complete the KFC Merrifield Mile at Wriggleswade Dam near Stutterheim on Sunday.

Grade 10 pupil Chumani Nxoyi who completed the Midmar Mile in 37 minutes said it was his second time and plans to quit were not on his books. “We had put in a lot of training and I was well prepared. I guess when you’re swimming you just have to tell yourself you can do it then you’ll make it.”

Kyle Hoffmann who is in grade 8 said the Midmar Mile was his first experience and he had completed the swim in 33 minutes. “I didn’t experience any challenges, the weather was awesome and I really enjoyed it.”

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