Residents aiming for a clean environment in Victoria Park

Victoria Park residents are taking charge and making the area a clean and secure place to live in with a clean-up campaign initiated on Tuesday.

Concerned resident and Bishop, Reyalno Booyce, said the plan was to transform the area from its current poor state to a safe, people-friendly environment through planned projects to be executed this year. “I believe the injustice done to the community in terms of service delivery is not on. When I enter my area there is filth so I have taken it upon myself to mobilise the young men to start a clean-up campaign. I believe the residents have been ridiculed and they have been knocking on closed doors in terms of service delivery. This is not a political fight, but it aims to get the basic needs and services that people deserve.”

Booyce said in collaboration with the Democratic Alliance (DA), the campaign will spread to the Aloevale and Newvale areas and hopes to build a relationship with the business community. He added that the projects hopes to tackle the unemployment of youth and substance abuse in the area. “The unemployment rate is alarming, teenage pregnancy and the number of school drop-outs is very disturbing and there was a report in a recent edition of The Rep that a man was caught with drugs in the area. I am a community person and a religious leader and grew up in this community and I have to take charge. I appreciate the input by the DA for what they are willing to offer because some of the members are from the same area. We need to ensure that people live harmoniously,” he said.

DA member Fidelia Malatoe said they would assist by donating cleaning material. “There are a lot of areas that are not being looked after, especially municipal grounds. We have been holding campaigns across the area to empower residents to have a clean and safe area. We call upon residents, even those who do not live in the area, to make any form of contribution. In future we would like to see numbers of people involved in this project,” she concluded.

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