Collision sends shockwaves

SMASHED: A white Toyota Etios sedan and a Toyota Quantum collided at the intersection of Berry and Peacocke Streets, after the driver of the Quantum failed to heed a stop sign Picture: ANDISA BONANI

The Etios was driving along Peacocke Street which had right of way, when the Quantum came speeding along Berry Street and ignored the stop sign.

An eye witness, The Rep staff member Charodine Visagie, who was two cars behind the Etios, said the driver of the Quantum appeared to be travelling at a much higher than permitted speed on that road resulting in the serious damage to the Etios.

Another driver and I stopped to assist the woman driving the Etios who was with her daughter, wearing a Girls’ High School uniform. I saw the girl crawling out the car. She complained of chest pains but her mother seemed fine apart from being shocked by the incident. If their car had not had airbags I think they could both have been badly injured.”

When The Rep arrived at the scene there were pedestrians trying to assist by phoning the police and an ambulance which arrived about 50 minutes later. The police had not arrived by the time the reporter left the scene.

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