Police commended for excellent work

Fifteen police officers from the Queenstown cluster received commendation certificates at the KSM police precinct for having led cases which resulted in perpetrators receiving jail time on Tuesday.

The officers from various rankings were rewarded for their performance in detective services, best detection rate for colonel stations, dedication, loyalty, commitment in one’s work when performing duties, passion and excellence.

Major general Funeka Siganga thanked the officers for their dedication and ensuring that victims felt the justice system was on their side.

“We have learned about so many things regarding the police from the media and some of them are quite negative. However, when we have positive news, that also deserves to be shared so that people know that there are good police officers who are working hard to fight crime in society. I stand here as a proud commander of this cluster, realising the good work that has been done by the members.”

Siganga said she was aware of the challenges faced by the police and that they were human and had personal problems to worry about which were often disregarded to focus on work.

“I understand police work under several challenges, including their personal ones which they often have to neglect to focus on work and we appreciate such commitment. I know the national commissioner cannot personally come to this cluster and investigate cases. We are all the communities which we serve have. I also am not there when detectives investigate cases, but I am usually commended for the work done. Hence I am here to show gratitude for the sacrifices you have all made to ensure crime is eradicated.”

Police spokeswoman captain Namhla Mdleleni said some of the awarded members worked under cover and others worked in cases where the accused received the maximum sentence.

“One of the officers who was awarded here today received a certificate for a case that was heard here in Komani and the accused received a life sentence.”

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