BKCOB elects new committee

BKCOB administrator Adre Bartis

The Border-Kei Chamber of Business (BKCOB) elected its new committee in Komani and surroundings during the AGM last week.

Several prominent local business people are set to serve on the committee, with a fair mixture of young people in business who will bring fresh ideas as to how business will survive in the cash-strapped local authority.

The Rep reported (“BKCOB champions community” June 21) that BKCOB executive director Les Holbrook said the lack of service delivery in the district, particularly in Komani, had worsened and was bad for business.

He encouraged the newly-elected committee members to work with the municipality to ensure a conducive environment for businesses to flourish.

Chamber member Aiden Edwards of Shepstone Home Centre gave an overview of what the committee’s role was and what was expected of them.

“The committee should provide a way for members to help support the great work of BKCOB, they are also responsible for the provision of input on its operations and support the work of professional staff. The committee’s duties are decided by the chairperson and the executive director. All activities of the committee are reported to the board of directors who oversee the chamber. The committee chair has to provide a monthly report to the board executive meetings.”

Edwards welcomed the new committee members and said he acknowledged that it was not going to be an easy road, but it would be worthwhile for the people of Komani.

The nominated members will be allocated positions at the first chamber sitting that will take place on July 15.

The committee will include Holbrook, Ian van der Merwe, Shakeel a Sajid, Zodwa Gqwaka, Julian Thompson, Ken Clark, Moira Pappas, Lubabalo Nontsele, Sandy Boy, Mark Wilson and Nico de Beer.

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