Mahashe threatens protest and smelly pesticide at SPU offices

The regional South African Youth Council (SAYC) secretary Lusanda Mahashe, has threatened to lead a protest to close down the Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) special programmes unit (SPU) office which he said was “useless”.

“We will thoroughly pour our well-known ‘perfume’ to ensure that Superclean is unable to remove it. We all know of that beautiful smell,” he said.

Mahashe was speaking at the SAYC youth month event to commemorate events and activities that took place in the Soweto uprising on June 16, 1976.

The secretary said the SPU offices across all six local municipalities in Chris Hani were not doing anything for young people.

“We will close down that useless office that does nothing for youth development in this area and this time we will not go there just to submit a memorandum of demands. Gone are those days where, in a protest you hand over a memorandum and leave. We will pour our popular perfume to ensure no one enters that place again.”

Mahashe also lambasted politicians and officials from both the local and district municipalities for failure to attend the event which was meant for 800 people, but less than 300 were in attendance.

“Never in the history of events have we seen something like this. We expected 800 young people to be ferried from all the local authorities, but we were deprived of transportation which we required well in advance. At the front table are supposed to be dignitaries which we invited but none of them are here.”

Mahashe said it was trivial things like the lack of attendance by people who were supposed to answer questions from young people, that showed they were not taken seriously.

“This is also evident in the failure to open the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) offices which we were promised a long time ago. The plight of young people is not taken seriously and we are often criticised for laziness, but when we require institutions to assist us we are left in limbo.

“Hence the need for a protest to the office that is supposed to assist us, just to wake and shake them up until something happens. We will not go the office of the mayor, we will head straight to SPU and shut it down. We are done talking, we have been talking and it is now time to act.”

SAYC provincial treasurer Aphiwe Mkhangelwa who delivered his keynote speech motivating the youth, also took jabs at politicians and officials who did not attend the event.

“It is evident that we are on our own, the lack of commitment from our municipalities does not reflect support. As young people we need to support our own causes like women do for women’s month events where they spend days in one place speaking about their issues and coming up with solutions. Politicians and senior officials do not honour or respect events meant for young people.”

Mkhangelwa warned pupils from local schools to steer away from substances as they had the potential to ruin their dreams and aspirations.

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