Family left with nothing after fire

What started out as a night of celebration for a family in Newvale took a turn for the worse when their home burnt down on Saturday.

Speaking to The Rep, owner Boyce Mrwebi who lives with his wife and 14-year-old daughter said the home caught fire while they were celebrating a graduation ceremony at a neighbour’s house that evening. “It was around 8pm when we decided to go and rejoice at my neighbour’s house. My wife then went to prepare food at our house.

“This area has an issue with electricity going on and off. We did not have power that day so my wife used a paraffin stove to cook and to keep the house warm because it was cold. She then went to buy a few items at the shop and when she got back the house was in flames.”

Mrwebi said he was informed by community members about the blaze and quickly rushed to assess the situation. “It was already too late. The entire house was damaged. Everything was burned to the ground. We currently have nothing, no clothes, no food even our identity documents were burned in the fire.”

With the school holiday almost over, the unemployed father and husband said his only frustration was that his daughter’s school uniform and her school books were among the items destroyed in the blaze. “My daughter is doing grade six at Kwa Komani Comprehensive School and right now she has nothing. The schools are re-opening soon and I don’t know how we are going to get her books and school uniforms.”

Mrwebi said the family lives off payments that he gets from piece jobs and sometimes money he receives from sewing clothes. “We are currently staying at a neighbour’s house. My daughter is staying with friends. This is something I am not comfortable with because people can only tolerate so much. I do not want this situation to end negatively because I know everyone has their own problems. If anyone might be able to assist us, we would be so grateful. It can be anything because we literally have nothing but the clothes we are wearing now. I would appreciate any little thing people can give us.”

Ward 13 councillor Ongama Adonis, who had visited the family upon hearing the news, said he was in talks with the department of social development so they could assist in the form of food parcels. Anyone who would like to lend a helping hand can contact Mrwebi on 083-976 0267.

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