Schools urged to get ready for HPV vaccination



The department of health would like to inform schools in the Enoch Mgijima area and community members of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination campaign which will run from toaday until September 20.

The government introduced HPV vaccine in 2014 for 9- year-old girls or older in grade 4. This was due to an increase in cervical cancer.

This campaign is conducted twice a year and requires two doses, six months apart.

Grade 4 girls who received their first dose in February/March 2019 will receiving their second shot and the grade 4 girls who were under age in February/March will receive their first one.

HPV vaccine prevents cancer. It is safe and effective in preventing the HPV-16 and HIV-18 strains of the virus . The HPV vaccine does not prevent or treat HIV infection . It does not prevent pregnancy and is not a method of family planning . It cannot affect a it girl’s ability to have children in the future.

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