Nonesi Primary School appoints new principal

Monwabisi Koti was officially appointed as the new principal of Nonesi Public Primary School on Monday.

Koti, who has held the role of acting principal since May 2018 following former principal Mbulelo Nontsele’s departure, said the leadership position was nothing new as he had, in previous years, occupied the same role at Sobantu Junior Secondary and Maphasa Farm School.

He said the number of enrolled pupils at the school was not convincing, saying there would be an improvement in coming years. “My plan is to transform the school to become one of the best in the district. That can only happen through intensive teaching and discipline. This includes observation of policies by teachers, pupils and the community at large. Currently we do not have a permanent clerk, but we hope that next year we will.”

School Governing Body (SGB) chairperson Bulelani Msizi said: “We have long awaited this day and we are positive we will see change. We have witnessed some of the contributions made by the current principal before his appointment and we are hopeful that our school will take a turn for the better.” Msizi added there were a lot of challenges that came with the school not having a principal. “I sometimes got reports that there was lack of co-operation among colleagues and in some instances there were allegations resulting in the department having to intervene. The community can now rest assured. The school has a principal and we will continue to engage locals. Any queries should be discussed with the principal,” he said.

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