House mysteriously burns in Frost Street

BLAZE: A house in Frost Street in Top Town belonging to Jakes Pieterse, owner of a secondhand car dealership, caught fire on last Wednesday evening. Residents said they could not help put out the fire when there was only one room burning because there was no water in the area. A family friend speaking to The Rep at the house on Thursday morning said Pieterse and his wife were admitted to the Queenstown Private Hospital for burn wounds. He said the husband managed to save three of their dogs, but was not sure about the fourth one. Another neighbour indicated that when the one room was burning, Enoch Mgijima municipality fire fighters attended, but had to leave due to lack of water in the truck. “By the time they got back the whole house was covered in fire and everything burned down.” There was still smoke and some flames when The Rep visited the house. Residents have since opened a bank account where proceeds to assist the family are to be deposited Picture: ANDISA BONANI

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