Emachibini villagers fall victim again

Emachibini villages were hit by yet another violent storm last Saturday, following strong winds which destroyed homes in the area last month.

The storm which hit the villages of Emamfeneni, Asazani and Siyanda, left some houses destroyed, power lines down and many others flooded.

Emamfeneni resident Barnabas Mankayi said he was lucky to be alive after his house completely collapsed.

It is by God’s grace that I was not there. If I had I am sure I would be in a mortuary right now,” he said.

My home is gone, there is nothing left, there is no house. I am yet to try and recover anything from the disaster.”

Those who were there during the storm said the most damage came before the heavy rains and hailstorm, describing a “gale force-like wind”.

My son, who was going to close the door at the time, got such a fright that he ran out,” said Nosebenzile Mpini, who also lives in Emamfeneni.

Mpini said her house lost its roof and was damaged by another roof which was blown from a neighbouring house   

 “The roof was taken off by one from another house. It destroyed our fence, took the roof and went on to damage another neighbour’s house,” she added.

A ward committee member at Siyanda village, Mbasa Tomson, said many houses in that part of Emachibini had been flooded with one resident’s shack having been washed all the way to a river.

Councillor for the area Zamuxolo Ngodo estimated that nine homes had been completely lost and a considerable number suffered damages.

We really hope the government can look into building RDP houses here. Many people are living in mud structures and are hit hard by these extreme weather events,” said Ngodo.

He said the situation had been assessed by the departments of human settlements and social development and that Eskom had been working throughout the week to restore power to the areas.

We appeal to people to donate what they can, blankets or food will go a long way in helping people like Mankayi who have absolutely nothing,” he added.

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