Student turns life journey into book

Media consultant student Avuyile Stuurman, 19, has penned her life journey of discovering herself after her biological mother gave her up as a young girl.

The author, who grew up in Vaalbank, recently released her book titled ‘The Road To My Destiny’, which depicts her struggles and uncovers the truth about who she really is.

In an interview with The Rep, Stuurman said she found the courage to write about her journey after the parents she grew up knowing as her real family rejected her. Rumours had surfaced that the parents she had known all her life that they were, in fact, not her real parents.

Things changed for the worse when I started asking questions about my birth mother. I had to come to terms with rejection and find my self-worth in the process. I am certain that there are other young people who have experienced the same hardships. To me, this book is more like a diary. I have been writing my own diary since I was six years old. I used to participate in Read Aloud programmes and I am extremely passionate about writing. When I was in matric in 2018, I decided to compile all that I had and turn it into a book. I managed to get in contact with Gcina Mhlophe, who introduced me to writer Madoda Ndlakuse.”

Stuurman said she found spiritual healing when she was introduced to the Consecrated Congregation of Christ International Church (CCCIC). She said she had found encouragement in her worship and in the support of her spiritual father, the prophet of the church.

The plan is to officially launch this book. I am not selling it yet, but I want to visit schools and engage with young people to motivate and inspire them,” she said.

Stuurman can be reached on 065-323 1324.

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