Call for local contractors to register in Enoch Mgijima municipality database

The secretaries of the Enoch Mgijima Local Business and Contractors forums call on all contractors in the area to register their businesses in a database to be submitted to local authority supply chain office this week.

This follows the local municipality’s failure to co-ordinate the registration last week, prompting the forums’ leaders to play a leading role and take the matter upon themselves.

The contractor’s forum secretary Themba Mjiba said registration opened yesterday and would close on Thursday this week.

Speaking for the business forum, Sakile Mvana said Thursday’s registration closure was not indefinite, it would be opened again on regular intervals for those who missed the first registration period to be included.

Registration takes place at the Chris Hani District Business Centre in Griffith’s Street from 8am to 4:30pm Full story in The Rep next week Picture: ANDISA BONANI

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