Dumpy Adams gone to ruin


FOR RELIEF: Cow dung at the Dumpy Adams Sports Complex field Picture: SUPPLIED

The continued deterioration of the Dumpy Adams Sports Complex is becoming a threat to sporting codes in Komani.

The complex, which over the years has seen complete stop of the usage of the swimming pool and most recently the cricket pitch, has got local soccer teams worried.

The coach of Safa regional team Young Minds FC, Siya Yiweni said the complex’s neglect by the local authority is now becoming a threat for Safa games too.

“The secondary dressing room facilities are completely vandalised. When more than one game is held, teams have to change outside because there is no space,” said Yiweni.

He added that the now-abandoned locker rooms had become a safety hazard. “They have become a safe haven for criminals that are now using it to indulge in drug abuse and at night that place is dangerous.”

Other concerns over Dumpy included pitches that were not being maintained and Yiweni said they might have to forfeit home games because it would be dangerous to play there.

“The second pitch is no longer fit for purpose and as a result teams that use it for home games might have to forgo matches and lose points,” he said.

Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality Spokesperson Lonwabo Kowa said they urge everyone to take responsibility for the fields

“The fence for the yard is not worn, it was vandalised by community members and fans who force their way through to play or watch games. Community members from nearby residences have also threatened our staff in order to gain access to the sports field and the police were informed of this act.

“We urge everyone to take responsibility of safeguarding sports our sports facilities and report to authorities those who keep threatening municipal personnel to gain access to the facility without paying for it,” said Kowa



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