Help find father of two siblings

The department of social development in the Nelson Mandela District, Ibhayi service office, is looking for the biological father of two teenagers who were born in Whittlesea.

According to information issued by social worker Zimkhitha Matanzima, the mother of the two children, Nosisi Sibozo Cleopatra, has since died. The teenagers, Achumile Sibozo, born on October 26, 2004 and Eddie Sibozo born on December 15, 2005 are currently staying with their aunt in Port Elizabeth.

Sibozo Sendra Ntombikayise is the aunt of the children and has been taking care of them since December 2019. To our knowledge the identity and whereabouts of the biological father are unknown by the maternal family,” said Matanzima.

She pleaded with anyone who might have information about the father to contact her on 041- 406 5863 during office hours, on week days.

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