Kora hosts community meeting in Ndlovukazi

THE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE: Last week Ndlovukazi residents had a meeting about municipal services in the area Picture: SUPPLIED

“People of Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) do not know the dire state which it is in, so they do not understand why they are not getting any service,” said Komani Residents’ Association (Kora) member Zolile Xalisa.

The civic organization hosted a public meeting in the community hall in Ndlovukazi last Wednesday, when residents vented challenges they faced in the village.

“We wanted to make the people of ward 18 aware of what is going on in their municipality,” said Xalisa.

A number of problems were raised by those who attended including water that was intermittently available, lack of basic services to houses that had been recently built, eroded roads and RDP houses that were never built.

Some who had received RDP houses said their pit toilets were unfinished and there were latrines that had no structure around them.

“Such things affect human dignity and we want those who are responsible at the municipality to account. These officials live in nice houses yet the people they are serving suffer,” said Xalisa.

After the meeting, Xalisa said they would approach a number of departments to get explanations.

Another resident, Thembile Waxa, said they felt neglected by EMLM.

“There are issues like land claims which were attended to in other areas in Komani but people here still wait for attention. There are RDP houses that are incomplete. Contractors are constantly changed and the work never gets done, some people still do not even have electricity boxes in their houses,” said Waxa.

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