Five former Boks recover from the virus

Former Springbok rugby player Danie Gerber became the first high profile South African in rugby circles to be tested positive for Covid-19 after he was diagnosed in March after he had travelled overseas, has made a full recovery.

He contacted the virus shortly after attending a golf day, along with several other former Springboks. Days after Gerber tested positive, Divan Serfontein, Colin Beck, Burger Geldenhuys and Robbie Flair also tested positive for the dreaded disease.

The good news is that all five former Springboks have also made a full recovery. Of the five former Boks, only Burger Geldenhuys ended up in hospital, but has since recovered. The other four were in self-isolation.

Gerber stated: “We are grateful. Please, stay at home. Don’t try to be a hero. Look after yourself, think about those around you because this thing spreads incredibly fast. We don’t want you to be in the same boat as we were, because it’s not a nice boat to be in.”

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