Entrepreneur out to provide all girl pupils with pads

A local entrepreneur is hoping to ease the burden of ‘back to school’ this winter.

Founder of Endurance 045, a company that makes sanitary towels, Luthando Lungela, will be donating 750 packets when schools open next week.

The Komani entrepreneur said the initiative was a continuation of projects he had been running with different organisations and these, in fact, inspired the founding of Endurance 045.

“I have been organising sanitary towel drives since 2013. I just wanted to do more and that is what inspired the idea of a company that will have donating towels as a core mission,” he said.

Lingela said Endurance 045 was created with the goal of making sure sanitary towels were affordable to everyone. “We will sell each pack for only R15 and a percentage of everything we make will go towards funding this program of giving to pupils.

“In every school we want to have people as Endurance buddies who will always have emergency towels available, just in case someone needs them,” said Lingela.

He said he hoped that not only would people support the brand, but would also join in the donation drives by purchasing towels to be set aside for donations.

“We want people to be able to donate to schools of their choice. They can buy from us or donate whatever they can. Buying an Endurance 045 sanitary towel just means one less girl in Komani will go to school in need of a towel.”

Endurance 045 will hold the first drive at Mpendulo Primary School on Wednesday.

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