‘Black is King my a**’ – AKA speaks out on Zim ‘crackdown’

AKA has voiced his support for people who are struggling in Zimbabwe.
Picture: AKA Instagram/ @don__design

Rapper AKA has vented his frustration about the alleged crackdown on anti-corruption protests in Zimbabwe, adding that too many South Africans are worried about the Black Lives Matter movement overseas to notice the alleged injustice on their own doorstep.

According to AFP, reported by TimesLIVE, police cracked down on protests in the country on Friday, with award-winning novelist Tsitsi Dangarembga among those arrested.

Authorities have banned the demonstrations, which were held on the second anniversary of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s election, to address alleged state corruption and the country’s collapsing economy.

AKA has always been outspoken on matters about the continent, and took to Twitter on Sunday evening to send love and support to those struggling in Zimbabwe.

“Sending love to the megacy in Zimbabwe. I hope y’all good. I would say, ‘I’m praying for you’ but that’s a bit overdone. I’d rather just say you’re on my mind, and I hope you will be victorious soon.”

The star went on to criticise South Africans who he claimed were too focused on the Black Lives Matter movement overseas to notice the struggles of their neighbours.

“Imagine your fellow Africans are too busy focused on #BLM happening 15,000km away to care about those very same black lives next door. Black is King my a**. Stay strong Zimbabwe,” he wrote.


He urged fans to “spread awareness about what’s going on in Zimbabwe”, saying people need our help.

He added that many Zimbabwean celebs were perhaps too scared to speak out against their government, fearing for their safety.

He acknowledged that posting about the situation was not ideal, but said that it was a start and South Africans need to put pressure on our government to intervene.

“To be honest, the only thing we as South Africans can do is put pressure on our own government to intervene. How one goes about doing that? I don’t know.

“The aftermath of a crisis in Zimbabwe is a crisis for SA in many ways. Our own government should be looking at it that way,” he said.

Musician Zakes Bantwini also called for unity in the fight against corruption on the continent.

“With so much against us already as black Africans, all we have is each other. Let’s not be against one another,” he wrote.

As the conversation dominated Twitter, topping the local trends list, Zakes hit back at a follower who claimed he only spoke out on matters outside of SA, and ignored injustice within our own borders.


By Kyle Zeeman – TSHISALIVE

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