Emalahleni municipality capitalises on public participation

COVID-19 PUBLIC EDUCATION: Emalahleni Local Municipality mayor Ntombizanele Koni speaking during a gathering with the area’s traditional leaders prior to an awareness campaign about corona virus Picture: ANDISA BONANI

The Office of the Speaker in Emalahleni Local held a three-day cluster session in wards where councilors and their ward committee secretaries gathered to outline means to adapt to the “new normal” so that public participation processes are adhered to and marshalled to strengthen participatory democracy.

Welcoming the attendees in one of these sessions Speaker Councilor Dumisa Kalolo said as we are at the beginning of the new financial year.

“We are here today to interact and present what need to be done going forward having the same understanding of the new normal as declared by the President checking to the coronavirus pandemic. What we are doing today and the next days is the implementation of the Council resolutions regarding Ward Committee functions”, said Kalolo.

“Communication unit to guide on what needs to be done during this period in order to communicate a clear single message at the grassroots level.
This new normal and the situation we encounter today require everyone to read from one hymn book”,he said.

The Office of the Speaker,Public Participation unit is facilitating Ward Committee secretaries to be ward coordinators, in order to be at the center of ward information.

This is a three day session,starting on the 4 August 2020-07 August 2020.

Statement issued by the office of the Municipal Manager,Communication Unit.

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