Thickleeyonce opens up about dating broke guys

ThickLeeyonce opens up about dating Ben 10s and scrubs.
Picture: ThickLeeyonce/ Instagram

Model Thickleeyonce has served the tea on dating “broke” guys, recounting how she had to finance a former bae’s lifestyle.

In a recent tell-all video on her YouTube channel, the plus-size model opened up about her dating life over a seafood dish with best friend since high school, Lerato Moloi.

The star said  when she was younger, some of the men she dated were using her.

“We have had our fair share of dating the pits of the pits of the ghetto. I’m so glad we are passed that,” she said.

Thickleeyonce shared that she started earning from a young age, and the downside was that men her own age weren’t in the same financial position.

She often found herself supporting her bae.

She also opened up about hooking up with a younger guy, who people assumed was her “younger brother”.

BEST FRIEND CHAT: my besty and I sharing our experiences on dating “scrubs” and scammers.

The star said  she one day made a decision to stop dating scrubs the minute something better came along.

“In the beginning, it’s all vibes because you obviously love the person and you are in the honeymoon phase. I’m so done guys. Once I tasted a man who cared about me, there was no looking back on scrubs,”

By Deepika Naidoo – TSHISALIVE

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