Charred body found hanging from high-voltage electricity pylon

a high voltage towers for power against blue sky and sun rays

The body of a man found hanging from a high-voltage electrical pylon in Brakpan on the East Rand had to be recovered, Ekurhuleni emergency services said on Friday.

Emergency services spokesperson William Ntladi said the body had been discovered at  Withok agricultural holdings on Wednesday.

Ntladi said the “rigid charred body” was found hanging head down from one of the high voltage electrical cables about 25m from the ground on a steel pylon.

He said a hacksaw and screwdriver were found on the ground directly underneath the body.

“It is alleged that the man was tampering with the cables.”

Ntladi said a specialised hydraulic platform vehicle had to be used to reach the man.

“The operation had to be halted until the safety signal was given by electricians who had to isolate the power supply from the power lines.”

By Iavan Pijoos – TimesLIVE

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